White Christmas Popcorn

Hey, yall! It’s been a busy week or two, but I’m back with a recertification in SERVSAFE Manager! The past few weeks I’ve been studying to fulfill this requirement for Chef’s to work in most states. Fortunately, I’ve finished the seminar and exam (with the highest score in the class) and can finally focus on the holidays! Woohoo!

Popcorn-1This Christmas Season has been great thus far! This weekend I was given the honor of being one of Santa’s elves! I had a ball helping 450 kids get their pictures with Santa. Each child (and even some “young at heart”) received a teddy bear and a big Peppermint candy cane. As soon as I rang the sleigh bells (Santa’s cue to enter.), the children lit up with joy and followed him to the scene where their photos would be taken! The pictures were adorable and Santa has a better idea of what to bring these little girls and boys this year. So, you better be good!!! He’s got a list and is checking it twice! Santa is coming to town! He and his elves are watching and as long as you believe, you can bet he’ll be seeing you Christmas Eve!
Popcorn-2Still, amongst all the excitement and Christmas Spirit, something is missing. I’m still feeling a little blue without my other half. Ahh… The sacrifice of a military spouse! Elvis had it right…

You’ll be doin’ all right with your Christmas of white But I’ll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas” ELVIS

The holidays are wonderful because we get to be with the ones we love, but sometimes…when the Christmas music fades and the lights are shining bright…we can’t help but think about the ones who can’t be with us. To stay positive, I cook. I bake cupcakes, prepare Beef Bourguignon, and sometimes I even craft a little. This year I decided to make all kinds of Christmas treats for my friends and family and some of the men overseas.  This evening was a bit dreary, so I couldn’t make candies like I had planned. So, I decided to combine white almond bark, crushed peppermints, hot kettle corn, and marshmallows to create “White Christmas Popcorn.” Like Lucky Charms cereal,  it’s somewhat addictive and will certainly make your holiday a little brighter. Put it in a “Southern Sippin’ Glass” or what most call a “Redneck Wine Glass,”  and you can brighten someone elses day too! Enjoy!

Popcorn-3White Christmas Popcorn
This sweet minty treat is sure to brighten your holiday season and pairs well with vintage films like, “White Christmas,” “The Miracle on 34th Street,” and “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

-4 qts kettle corn, popped
-16 oz almond bark (or half the package)
-1 1/2 boxes of minature, Peppermint candy canes (When crushed, about 1 cup of Peppermint.)
-1/2 bag miniature marshmallows

After you’ve popped all the kettle corn, use a 1 gallon pitcher to double check your measurements. If you don’t have a pitcher, a 4qt pan will work. Once you have enough kettle corn, transfer corn to a large bowl or two. Begin melting the almond bark in a double boiler or a large pan with shallow boiling water and a smaller pan on top. Place the chocolate in the smaller pan so the boiling water will slowly heat and melt it without scalding it. While it melts, unwrap all the miniature candy canes and place them in a Ziploc bag. Use a second Ziploc bag to “double bag” it. Using the flat side of a kitchen mallet, crush the peppermints in the bags until it becomes a fine powder.  When the chocolate is completely melted and stirs smoothly, add 1/4 cup of the peppermint to the chocolate. Pour remaining peppermint onto your batches of popcorn. Stir chocolate until peppermint is combined and then pour over batches of popcorn and remaining peppermint. Quickly toss popcorn until evenly coated. This is important because the best part, the Peppermint, likes to hang out in the bottom of the bowl. Spread popcorn onto wax paper on the counter and let harden. Using a spatula, break the popcorn up so it won’t stick together. Add marshmallows. Serve immediately or store in air tight containers. Enjoy! Makes wonderful Christmas gifts and party favors!


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