Easy Sharpie Mugs

Things have been super busy around here and I’m getting very excited! My husband is returning home as we speak and I am so anxious to see him! Thankfully, I have plenty of crafts and recipes to occupy my time (and yours) until he gets here.

Today, I decided to try my hand at the Sharpie Mug craft made famous by Pinterest, Craftgawker, and bloggers everywhere! I used a black Sharpie and a blue Sharpie. I’ll forewarn you. The blue Sharpie does fade to grey. Personally, I like the grey, but it is unexpected since the Sharpie is originally blue. After my dear friend and fellow blogger, Crystal experimented with the project. She suggested baking them at 450 degrees F. It worked perfectly!! Here’s how you can create your own masterpiece mug!


You will need:
– Sharpies or permanent marker of your choice
– White Ceramic Mug (I used One from the Dollar Store.)
– a cookie sheet or pizza stone
– oven

Rinse mug and dry carefully. Once dry, decorate to your liking! Then place on a cookie sheet or pizza stone carefully without smearing your work. Turn oven on 450 degrees F and allow the mugs to heat up with the oven. Including preheat time, time the mugs baking for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, turn oven off and allow mugs to cool with oven to avoid cracking. Rinse and enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or my personal favorite, a latte! Enjoy!


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