DIY: Loom Knitting

Hi Yall! I apologize for the long absence, but we’ve had a lot going on in our little family. At the close of 2013, we moved into our first home, did some Air Force training and had a beautiful baby girl. In 2014, we found ourselves spending a lot of time at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Things are finally becoming somewhat normal and I am able to return home..right here with yall!

When you’ve been through something traumatic, I find there is an abundance of nervous energy. Its almost as if, even though everything is “ok,” you are waiting for something to happen. I’m told it’s normal, but how do you deal with it?

Personally, I reverted to my college days when my Big Sis in the Dixie Belle Social Club taught me how to knit. She handed me a pair of large knitting needles and showed me how to make my very first project, a scarf. I enjoyed it until I realized that if I royally screwed up a stitch….it could result in unraveling the whole thing! Ugh! I certainly don’t have the patience for that now. Most of my patience is reserved for our now 1 year old toddler!

While on a regular trip to Walmart , I came across the Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit. For $29.97, you can purchase the kit complete with parts for a variety of loom shapes, plenty of pegs, a booklet with easy to do (not overwhelming) starter crafts,  and other accessories (knitting tool, weaving tool, crochet hook, small and large yarn needles etc). I found that if I dropped a stitch, I could easily follow the loom and correct my mistake without unraveling everything. I started with the Loom Knit Tweedy Hat! It was fairly easy and I enjoyed knitting in a round loom. . You can find this and other great free loom patterns at You may have to register with an email and password, but it is well worth joining!

This isn’t a product placement and I’ve received no compensation for this blog post. I simply wanted to share a new passion of mine. I hope you will give it a try! Its a great way to burn any nervous energy you might have from trauma or simply from the busy holiday season. The kit travels easily and conveniently. Currently, I am working on a scarf to match my hubby’s new handmade hat! Another good reason to learn how to loom knit… your projects make great gifts for those looking for a little extra warmth this winter!

What are your favorite projects? Patterns? What are you working on now?


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