A Florida Staple: Quick and Easy Fish Tacos

When I first came to Florida, I wrote about a little beachside spot called “Native Café” and their delicious Mahi Mahi Fish tacos. I also shared one of my fish taco recipes using a more common fish, Tilapia. This recipe is a bit easier to put together and it still tastes great!

For this recipe, you will be “faux frying.” If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a trendy, healthy way to cook breaded foods without the grease and fat found in oil. Why do I like it? “Faux Frying’ doesn’t require the attention or constant turning frying does. Put it in the oven and it’s done in 20 minutes!  When you are cooking to entertain last minute guests, like I was this Super Bowl,  you don’t want to be seen sweating over a fryer! Believe me, I’ve been there. My curly hair was no match for a hot steaming fryer and while my dinner was delightful, I spent most of the evening avoiding photographs! ha! Long story short, this dish gives you time to mingle, take a break and look good while doing it.

When serving Fish Tacos, I recommend serving it with Guacamole and Tortillia Chips! It’s a healthy side that sticks to the “street food” theme. Pair it with a glass of Fish Eye Sauvignon Blanc and Enjoy!

Quick and Easy Fish Tacos

For Fish Fillets:

8 Tilapia Fillets (pre packaged, individually sealed), thawed

1/2 can Progresso Garlic and Herb Bread Crumbs

1 packet McCormick Mild or Original Taco Seasoning

3 to 4 medium eggs

All the Fixin’s (Prep While Fish is cooking.)

Chopped Tomatoes tossed with dried Cilantro

Chopped Romaine Lettuce

Fiesta Blend Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream

Warmed 6 ” Flour Tortillas


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Remove thawed Tilapia fillets from packaging and rest them on a plate until use. In one bowl, crack eggs, dispose of shells, and stir egg yolks and whites until thoroughly combined. These eggs will be the “glue” that keeps the breading on your fillets. In a separate bowl, mix Progresso Garlic and Herb Bread Crumbs and McCormick Mild or Original Taco Seasoning together. This will ensure each fillet is coated with the same quality and flavor breading. Dredge fish fillets through the eggs first and the breading second. Place breaded fillets directly onto a nonstick pan.* Place in preheated oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Serve with all the fixin’s and enjoy!!

*For easier cleanup, cover pan in aluminum foil. Place fish on top of the foil and after cooking, simply throw it away! Your pan is ready for the next batch or your next dish.






  1. fish taco supper…yummy! Are there other types of fillets that I can use? such as Grouper perhaps? Thanks Chef…and if I use thicker fillets, how do I know it’s done?

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